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What do I recieve for my membership in the ACMA?
1. Membership card
2. Bi-monthly news bulletin.
3. Your contact info on ACMA web site.
4. Opportunity to audition and sing center
stage at the ACMA Singing Convention.
5. Voting rights for officers within the association.






FAX NUMBER____________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________

WEB ADDRESS___________________________________

COUNTY OF RESIDENCE__________________________________

(Two Referrences are required also Verifiable phone numbers please)

A friend or relative?_____________________________________________

RECCOMMENDED BY Pastor:______________________________________

Do you sing in a group?( )yes( )no If your answer
is yes. Name of group________________________________

( )Soloist.( )Duet. ( )Trio ( )Quartet

( )Or are you just a Gospel Music Lover?



Mail completed application and $25.00 (Snail Mail)

for one year membership to: ACMA,

 P.O. Box 2041 Monticello, Ky. 42633

We do now accept payments online through a secure checkout with Paypal, however it will take you to The Singing Evangelistic Ministries checkout page, we have used this as a means of securing payments through paypal only. SEM  will forward these payments to The A.C.M.A. until the time that The A.C.M.A. gets their account set up through Pay Pal (which will be forthcoming,) at which time Our Artists will be able to sell their Music and other products from our web-site. Thank you and may God bless and prosper all that you do for His glory!

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Full name:
Email address:

Click this link to download the application (it will open up with Micro-soft word) print and send it snail mail to: "The A.C.M.A."
P.O. Box 2041 Monticello, KY. 42633

This is an alternate on-line application, just fill in the fields (Fields info with an asterisk are necessary) info and hit subscribe button at the end of the app. God Bless You, again, thank you for your interest in "The A.C.M.A."
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Last Name
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Phone Number
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What County
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How did you find out about "The A.C.M.A."?
I sing in a group and the name of the group is:
I am a Soloist and my name(Stage name perhaps?)is:
A Duet Perhaps? We sing as a couple? Or we sing together?
Maybe a Trio? There are three of us that sing together? We are family?
You are a quartet or a family group?
I just love Gospel Music and want to be a part of this association!
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