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     My wife and I, along with my son Joey are truly blessed, and as a result we formed "Showers of Blessings Trio." With one goal in mind, "to see lost souls saved!" We seek also to be in our Father's will and work for Him while it is yet day, for night will come when no one can do a work for God! So, we pray His Kingdom come...His will be done on Earth as it is in the Kingdom of Heaven. GOD has called and chosen us to go, and wherever He leads, we will follow.

     He provides for us a way to travel the many miles, as well as our every need wherever we go God has gone before us and straightened out all the crooked paths praise His Holy Name!
We are always invited back again and again because we have been told as we believe the anointing of the Holy Spirit is upon us, and this ministry. Everyone is totally blessed as He Showers them with Blessings.

     We simply set a date and hit the road for Jesus! These past few months we have traveled to Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. God has opened so many other doors for this ministry, and when He does we walk through them with His help of course.

     If you would like for us to come and minister in song at your Church or whatever venue you have set up, we would be honored to be part of it...just call or text us at 540-798-5850.
In His Service: Showers of Blessings Trio
 we await your invitation.

                                                                                                                                                                           Showers of blessings...God bless. Buddy And Freda Durrett


(This webpage is still under construction, stop on back by and we will have lots more for you to look at, and some good gospel music for you to listen at too!) 

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Showers OF Blessings Video
Showers of Blessings Homecoming Celbration

 Showers of Blessings
1) I Can't Even Walk (without Him holding my hand)
2) Will You be Me?
3) The Lighthouse
5) That I can still go Free
7) Grace is more than Amazing
8) He Looked Beyond
10) He's Standing There
11) My Savior My Friend