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A.C.M.A. Kentucky State Chapter Leader Robert A. Means 
Robert's Bio 
Robert Means has served in the ministry as pastor/evangelist for the past 48 years. He has traveled across many states ministering through word and song in various denominational Churches. He currently has 3 CDs produced and working on a fourth one. He is available for revivals and singings. For bookings you may contact him at 859-248-2337. 

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 Sunset, Marina Fuscaldo, Italy
Oceans Of Grace CD
1. Where The Timbers Cross
2. The Blood Is Still There
3. The Great Love Story
4. Oceans Of Grace 
5. Beg Steal or Borrow
6. It's Too Late
10. Precious Lord Take My Hand              



~Mercy Walked In CD~

1. Mercy Walked In

2. Wounded Hands

3. Calvary is the reason Why

4. A Moutaintop for Me

5.My Brand New Home

6. God's Gonna Fix it!

7. Back to the Cross

8. I will Shine

9. Child of the Light

10. Lost Sheep