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Stanley J.M. Payne's Music Page

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Stanley J.M. Payne Singer/Songwriter

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My name is Stanley J M Payne, the second to last of seven children. (4 girls/3 boys) I was born in the beautiful Island of Barbados.

In the summer of 1972, I attended a crusade sponsored by the Six Roads Seventh-day Adventist Church at the invitation of the "Moore boys" my teenage friends. I listened to Pastor Jansen Trotman as he presented truth from God's word with great clarity and persuasion. That


summer just before my sixteenth birthday I was baptized and accepted into the fellowship of the Six Roads SDA Church. There I got my first significant introduction to music. I took piano for 2 years and later became the church organist. To this point and for the next quarter century I


had no serious interest in singing.  In the mid nineties I started writing songs and music.  With lots of encouragement from friends and family, the help of two very good recording studios and the goodness of God: I present to you "Arise And Shine, For Thy Light Has Come" Isaiah 60:1.....

I cherish the opportunity for a different kind of ministry. Ministry through the "word with song." I have been blessed with 4 children. I have had my share of ups and downs in this life.  I can say with certainty that The God of heaven is a good God. I have not had a "mountain top" experience like Moses did, or Dr. King. But I have been through some valleys with my God. I know that He is real, for I have seen His hand of mercy.

This CD is about giving Him the praise and the glory; and the pursuit of a fulltime ministry through the word with song.  To all those people whose lives have touched mine, I say thank you. Just stay the course, we are almost home. See you there by His grace. Until then: "Arise And Shine, For Thy Light Has Come"


This is the first CD by Brother Stanley and I believe you will totally blessed as I was. Listening to him I began to be reminded of how much I appreciate Gospel Music. Below are the titles and some samples (snippets) of Brother Stanley's "Lord You Are Worthy Album on Compact Disc.
1. I Am Persuaded
2. Search Me Lord
3. He's Coming With Clouds
4. Lead Me Moment By Moment
5. In Your Name and by Your Power
6. God Shall Supply all Your Needs
7. Lord You Are Worthy (Title Cut)
8. Lord I Come
9. The Time is at Hand
10. Delivered by His Blood 
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