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 “Singing Evangelistic Ministries” is the last days ministry of Song Evangelist: Chuck Gibson also known as the “Singing Evangelist” because,   “he presents the Word in Song”. Chuck is not an entertainer, but a minister in song, and this ministry is operated for the soul purpose of promoting the gospel (good news of Jesus Christ.)

A new CD brings with it a new song  "It;s Still Real Today" is the title cut to the CD "It's Still Real Today", and happens to be sermon brother Chuck preached the same year he wrote the album. Yes, you might have guessed he wrote every song the album!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The Collection is a twenty song CD and represents the first ten years of ministry by the Singing Evangelists (the former group that started back in 1985 started recording in 1990 till 2000)

The Collection

1. The lowest Valley

2.  Keys to the Kingdom

3. Twinkling of an eye

4. Behold the Bride

5. It’s never gone out

6. Welcome Home

7. He Accepted Me

8. He’s guiding me over

9. Peace be still

10. Following Jesus

11. A very present help

12. Hem of His garment

13. The best is yet to come

14. I’ve got something I can shout about!

15. My name is written there!

16. You’ll never be the same

17. He’s me reason for living

18. Do you remember?

19. Just one touch

20. The crossroads

"The Collection" (our 20 song CD) represents the first ten years of my music ministry from 1990-2000 and includes some old recordings from Nashville. 15 of which I wrote (C) B.M.I. 1990 (P) Sagegrass Music also Gloryland Music and Media. I Co-Wrote one of these with Pastor Jerry McArther "Just one touch"which was picked up and recorded by a group called New Covenant.


$15.00 + $2.50 S&H 



1. Chosen Soldiers (Title Cut)

2. Dying To Live 

3.  The Half Has Never Been Told

4. Someday His Day Will Come 

5.  One Step Closer

6.  Keeping It All Together

7. Don’t Pity Me 

8. He’s A Waymaker

9. I’m Redeemed

10. Children Of Light

11. Homesick For Heaven

12. Allelujah  

Chosen Soldiers CD: 12 original songs by Chuck Gibson the Singing Evangelist