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  Henry "Hal" Farrar born 1926 in Little Rock, Arkansas, served in the United Staes Navy during World War 2 in Korea.  Left the Navy in 1957 and joined the United States Coast Guard that same year. Retired from the Coast Guard in 1967 as Chief Bos' n mate. Went to Alaska, and homesteaded in 1967 overlooking the Matanuska glacier. Hal accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior in 1971. He still lives on his homestead to this day. His desire now is to travel Alaska and the Lower 48 (States of America) in his private plane, singing and sharing his songs, and poems that he has written.  God has surely blessed this gentle and kind man with a compassion to win lost souls to the Savior that he has come to know so personally. His promise is to love and serve Him for the rest of his life, that has produced a witness more awesome and powerful than mere words can describe!  It is a testimony of God's miraculous "saving grace."

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Best Loved Songs 
* Songs and Poems written and Recorded by: Hal Farrar 
1. Standing In The Valley * There's Only One God *
2. Then I Met Jesus *
3. It Just So Happens* (Recitation) God Loved You*
4. The Old Rugged Cross served it's Purpose *
5. It's So Hard To Explain*
6. I don't Count Sheep *
7. Standing On The Shore *
8. Hand In Hand With Jesus *
9. Commit Thy Works Unto The Lord *
10. Don't Let The devil Deceive You! *
11. Good News America *
12. I Went To Jerusalem *
13. A Hundred Miles From Anchorage *
14. I Believe In Miracles *

This artist does not currently provide song samples for the ACMA. Please contact us for further details. 

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